PST File Box

EML to PST File Converter

A straightforward app to open Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and several other email platforms to MS Outlook

  • Export with full accuracy all times
  • Allow to export multiple EML files to PST
  • Select the locally saved EML files for migration
  • Convert user's selected EML files only
  • Save the resultant to locally, at user's desirable location
  • Give flexibility to open the newly built PST on Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
  • Integrate with Wins 10/8/XP/Vista

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EML is a versatile email file extension that saves data of Apple Mail, Thunderbird, WLM and multiple other platforms of Windows, Linux and Mac. Bu unfortunately it doesn't open in MS Outlook for Windows. The email client only reads its own file extensions and the most common among them is PST. Therefore, the app EML to PST converter has been launched. It is an advanced application, scans EML files to export to PST at fast speed.

Prominent Key Features of EML2PST Conversion


Export User's Selected EML files

The tool first step is to browse locally to search the targeted EML files that you wish to export. Any folder or sub-folder can be browsed to locate the targeted EML files for migration. Advanced filtration support is provided.


Migrate Data in Bulk

This is an advanced conversion app that migrates data in bulk. Users have freedom to select o1, 2, 3 or more EML files to migrate them at once. The feature saves migration time and makes conversion process hassle free.


Export EML to PST Only

The app is purely based on EML to PST migration. EML files created in either Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage or WLM are exported swiftly to Outlook file format. Users can simply access the exported data to Outlook 2003 to 2016.


Save Exported Data Locally

The output location is set by the user only. The utility gives flexibility to save the resultant locally. Any existed folder can be chosen to save the resultant file. A new folder can be created directly to save the export.


Safely Export Data

Every time when you use the app, it promises secure data conversion assurance. The result you get is accurate. No file gets damage or corruption. The utility reads the entire content of an EML file to export to PST. All meta properties and attachments are converted.


Easy to Install & Run

The software is easy to easy to install. It doesn't need additional software assistance to configure and run. Convert EML to PST swiftly and effortlessly with this application. It has a few simple tabs that fulfil conversion in just a few minutes. No special technical support requires.

Frequently Asked Question

You are allowed to export any size EML files without any delay.
No, the application doesn't assist you to export corrupted EML files.
It is an independent software. It doesn't need any other app to run on your Windows.
It helps to achieve this. All Outlook versions are supported by the program.

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